Welcome to the documentation for the CommandAPI. The CommandAPI lets you create vanilla Minecraft commands which utilize the new command features which were implemented in Minecraft 1.13, including but not limited to:

  • Having commands compatible with the vanilla /execute command
  • Having commands which can be run using Minecraft functions
  • Having better auto-completion and suggestions
  • Having command type checks before execution (e.g. ensuring a number is within a certain range)

How the CommandAPI works

Developer's Note:

This is a pretty important section, I would recommend reading before implementing the CommandAPI in your own projects. This section tells you about setup which is not stated anywhere else in the documentation. Think of it as the "knowledge you should know before using this API".

The CommandAPI does not follow the "standard" method of registering commands. In other words, commands which are registered with the CommandAPI will be registered as pure vanilla Minecraft commands as opposed to Bukkit or Spigot commands. This means that the following implications exist:

  • Commands do not need to be declared in the plugin.yml file
  • Commands are not "linked" to a certain plugin. In other words, you cannot look up which commands are registered by which plugin.

How this documentation works

This documentation is split into the major sections that build up the CommandAPI. It's been designed in such a way that it should be easy to find exactly what you want to help you get started with the CommandAPI, and how to make effective use of it. Each step of the way, the documentation will include examples which showcase how to use the CommandAPI.

You can use the side bar on the left to access the various sections of the documentation and can change the theme to your liking using the paintbrush icon in the top left corner.

Using the search icon in the top left corner, you can search for anything in this entire documentation. For example, typing "Example" will show a list of examples which are included throughout the documentation.

Documentation changelog

Here's the list of changes to the documentation between each update. You can view the current documentation version at the top of this page.

Documentation changes 3.4 \(\rightarrow\) 4.0:

Documentation changes 3.3 \(\rightarrow\) 3.4:

Documentation changes 3.1 \(\rightarrow\) 3.3:

Documentation changes 3.0 \(\rightarrow\) 3.1:

  • Adds new section 5.1 Argument suggestions to cover how to override suggestions - Having it all in section 5. Arguments was a bit too content-heavy
  • Adds documentation for the new .overrideSuggestions() method in section 5.1 Argument suggestions
  • Simplified the description of the documentation updates
  • Changed the artifact ID for the dependency of the CommandAPI. Instead of being commandapi, it is now commandapi-core. You can view the changes in section 2 Setting up your development environment
  • Changed the repository information for gradle in section 2 Setting up your development environment. You now have to include the NBTAPI repository because gradle can't automatically detect this for some reason. Kinda stupid tbh.
  • Adds a section on using multiple or optional arguments in section 5 Arguments

Documentation changes 2.1 \(\rightarrow\) 3.0:

Developer's Note:

Lots of changes occurred in version 3.0. I highly recommend reading the Upgrading guide section which covers the changes in more detail and how to update your plugin for this version.