Using the annotation system

The annotation system is a separate part of the CommandAPI, and as a result it needs to be included as an additional dependency to your project.

The annotation system effectively needs to be added twice: Once for compilation and again to invoke the annotation processor itself.

Using Maven

  • Add the annotation dependency to your pom.xml:

  • Add the annotation processor as an annotation process to the compile task in the pom.xml:


Using Gradle

  • If you haven't already done so, add the maven central repository to your build.gradle file:

    repositories {
        maven { url = "" }
  • Add the dependency and annotation processor to your list of dependencies in your build.gradle file:

    dependencies {
        compileOnly "dev.jorel:commandapi-annotations:8.0.0"
        annotationProcessor "dev.jorel:commandapi-annotations:8.0.0"