NBT arguments

The CommandAPI includes support for NBT compounds by using the NBT API by tr7zw. To use NBT, use the NBTCompoundArgument and simply cast the argument to an NBTContainer.

Since this argument depends on the NBT API, if this is used and the NBT API is not available on the server, an NBTAPINotFoundException will be thrown.

Example - ???

LinkedHashMap<String, Argument> arguments = new LinkedHashMap<>();
arguments.put("nbt", new NBTCompoundArgument());

new CommandAPICommand("award")
    .executes((sender, args) -> {
        NBTContainer nbt = (NBTContainer) args[0];
        //Do something with "nbt" here...

Developer's Note:

I haven't personally explored much with using this argument, so this example isn't great. If you believe you can supply a suitable example for this page, feel free to send an example on the CommandAPI issues page.