Function arguments

The FunctionArgument class is used to represent a function or a tag in Minecraft. When retrieving an instance of the argument, it will return a FunctionWrapper[], where each FunctionWrapper consists of a Minecraft function.

Therefore, if a user supplies a single function, the FunctionWrapper[] will be of size 1, and if the user supplies a tag which can consist of multiple functions, the FunctionWrapper[] will consist of the array of functions as declared by that tag.

Example - Minecraft's /function command

Since it's a little difficult to demonstrate a custom use for the FunctionArgument, we will show how you can implement Vanilla Minecraft's /function command. In this example, we want a command that uses the following structure:

/runfunction <function>

When provided with a function, it will execute that function. If instead a tag is provided, it will execute that tag (i.e. execute all functions declared in that tag).

new CommandAPICommand("runfunction")
    .withArguments(new FunctionArgument("function"))
    .executes((sender, args) -> {
        FunctionWrapper[] functions = (FunctionWrapper[]) args[0];

        //Run all functions in our FunctionWrapper[]
        for(FunctionWrapper function : functions) {