Angle arguments

The angle argument is used to represent the yaw (horizontal) angle in degrees. The value returned from this argument range from -180.0 (inclusive) to 180 (exclusive), with -180.0 being due north:

\begin{align} -1&80.0 \\ &\hspace{0.1em}N \\ &\uparrow \\ 90.0\ W \leftarrow &\hspace{0.75em}\rightarrow E\ -90.0 \\ &\downarrow \\ &\hspace{0.2em}S \\ &0.0 \\ \end{align}

The ~ notation can be used to specify a rotation relative to the executor's yaw angle.


The AngleArgument is only supported in Minecraft versions 1.16.2 and later, meaning it will not work on Minecraft versions 1.16 or 1.16.1. This is due to the fact that Minecraft added the time argument in 1.16.2. Attempting to use the AngleArgument on an incompatible version will throw aa AngleArgumentException.