Configuration for server owners

The CommandAPI has a few configuration options to change how it functions. These options can be configured in the plugins/CommandAPI/config.yml file, which is generated automatically when the CommandAPI runs for the first time.

The default config.yml is shown below:

verbose-outputs: false
create-dispatcher-json: false
plugins-to-convert: []
skip-sender-proxy: []
other-commands-to-convert: []

Configuration settings:

  • verbose-outputs - If true, outputs command registration and unregistration logs in the console

  • create-dispatcher-json - If true, the CommandAPI creates a command_registration.json file showing the mapping of registered commands. This is designed to be used by developers - setting this to false will improve command registration performance

  • plugins-to-convert - Controls the list of plugins to process for command conversion. See Command conversion for more information!

  • skip-sender-proxy - Determines whether the proxy sender should be skipped when converting a command. See Skipping proxy senders for more information!

  • other-commands-to-convert - A list of other commands to convert. This should be used for commands which are not declared in a plugin.yml file. See Arbitrary command conversion for more information