CommandAPI 9.4.1
An API for the command UI introduced in Minecraft 1.13
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAmbiguityConsumerA consumer that is notified of found ambiguities in the command tree
 CCommandThe functional interface actually representing a command to execute
 CCommandDispatcherThe core command dispatcher, for registering, parsing, and executing commands
 CImmutableStringReaderA string reader can be used to progressively read through a string
 CLiteralMessageA Message that has a literal string it returns
 CMessageAn abstract notion of a message that can be displayed to a user
 CParseResultsConsolidates the results of parsing a command in an object
 CRedirectModifierA redirect modifier to apply when a command is redirected and/or forked
 CResultConsumerA consumer that is called by the CommandDispatcher whenever a command completed
 CSingleRedirectModifierBasically a RedirectModifier (though no subtype) that only converts to a single command source
 CStringReaderA mutable implementation of an ImmutableStringReader, that allows moving the cursor
 NannotationsAnnotations which can be used with the CommandAPI annotation system
 NargumentsClasses to be used as arguments for commands
 NexceptionsClasses which are the exceptions raised during the execution of the Command API
 NexecutorsClasses relating to the different FunctionalInterfaces for command execution
 NnmsClasses that access the NMS framework
 NwrappersClasses that are wrappers for various vanilla-related command features
 CAbstractArgumentTreeThis is a base class for arguments, allowing them to behave as tree nodes in a AbstractCommandTree
 CAbstractCommandAPICommandA builder used to create commands to be registered by the CommandAPI
 CAbstractCommandTreeThis is the root node for creating a command as a tree
 CBrigadierThe Brigadier class is used to access some of the internals of the CommandAPI so you can use the CommandAPI alongside Mojang's com.mojang.brigadier package
 CBukkitTooltipThis class represents a suggestion for an argument with a hover tooltip text for that suggestion
 CCommandAPIClass to register commands with the 1.13 command UI
 CCommandAPIBukkitConfigA class that contains information needed to configure the CommandAPI on Bukkit-based servers
 CCommandAPIConfigA class to contain information about how to configure the CommandAPI during its loading step
 CCommandAPIExecutorCommandAPIExecutor is the main executor implementation for command executors
 CCommandAPIHandlerThe "brains" behind the CommandAPI
 CCommandPermissionA representation of permission nodes for commands
 CConverter'Simple' conversion of Plugin commands
 CExecutableCommandThis is a base class for AbstractCommandAPICommand and AbstractCommandTree command definitions
 CExecutionA list of arguments which results in an execution
 CInternalBukkitConfigConfiguration wrapper class for Bukkit
 CInternalConfigConfiguration wrapper class
 CIStringTooltipA string-based tooltip interface that includes a string suggestion and a formatted tooltip text to display when hovering over the suggestion
 CMojangMappedVersionHandlerThis file handles loading the correct mappings information
 CSafeVarHandleA wrapper around VarHandle with better type safety using generics and a toggleable underlying implementation depending on whether we're using mojang mappings or non-mojang mappings
 CStringTooltipRepresents a suggestion for an argument with a hover tooltip text for that suggestion
 CTooltipThis class represents a suggestion for an argument with a hover tooltip text for that suggestion