Command Conversion (for server owners)

The CommandAPI has the ability to convert plugin commands into "Vanilla compatible" commands automatically on startup. This allows you to use /execute and Minecraft functions/tags for plugins that do not use the CommandAPI. For example, if you want to use the /hat command from the plugin Essentials in an /execute command or from a command block, you can use the CommandAPI's command conversion setting to do so.

The CommandAPI has 3 different conversion methods, each one more specific and powerful than the others. These are the following:

Extract plugin info

Drag a plugin here to view a list of available commands which can be registered for the CommandAPI.

Drag and drop a plugin .jar file here

YAML configuration rules

To configure command conversion, the CommandAPI reads this information from the config.yml file. This file has a bit of a weird structure, so to put it simply, these are the following rules:

  • config.yml cannot have tab characters - The config.yml file must only consist of spaces!
  • Indentation is important and should be two spaces

If you're uncertain if your configuration is valid (or you're getting weird errors in the console), you can check if your configuration is valid by dropping your config.yml file below:

Drag and drop your config.yml here

Converting all plugin commands

To convert all of the commands that a plugin has, add the name of the plugin, followed by a ~ character to the list of plugins to convert in the config.yml file.

Example - Converting all commands from EssentialsX

For example, if you wanted to convert all commands that EssentialsX has, you can use the following config.yml:

verbose-outputs: true
create-dispatcher-json: false
  - Essentials: ~