Developer's Note:

Congratulations on making it to the end of the documentation! I hope it was easy to understand everything ... I feel like it's a bit content heavy.

This project is by far my most worked on and probably the project I'm most proud of. You can read about the creation of the CommandAPI in my blog post here.

I'd like to give credit to all of the people that have opened issues on GitHub, that have truly made it what it is now. In particular, I'd like to thank:

  • Combustible - My #1 supporter who motivated me to keep this project alive after its release
  • DerpNerb - Giving me the idea to change this to a Maven project has made the CommandAPI that much more accessible for everyone
  • Draycia - Suggesting that I put CommandSender objects inside DynamicSuggestedStringArguments allow that argument to be that much more powerful
  • HielkeMinecraft - Improving the LocationArgument class, adding results and successes for commandsd and being a great bug reporter in general
  • i509VCB - Generally a really good bug spotter. Discovered a severe bug that made libraries depending on the CommandAPI depend on Brigadier
  • Tinkot - Gave a review of the CommandAPI on its spigot page. This motivated me to fix a 6 month old bug

I never really expected more than 5 or so people to use this API, so it was truly an exciting time creating this for everyone - seeing everyone's responses, issues and problems helped me keep going.

In short, thank you, and everyone else that helped make the commandAPI what it is.