Dynamically suggested arguments

Dynamically suggested arguments lets you provide a function to generate arguments dynamically. This is achieved using the DynamicSuggestedStringArgument class, which has two constuctor formats:

//Constructor requires a function which returns a String[]
new DynamicSuggestedStringArgument(() -> return new String[]);

//Constructor requires a function which returns a String[] and receives a sender input
new DynamicSuggestedStringArgument((sender) -> return new String[]);

The first one simply lets you return a list of strings as suggestions. Whenever a player begins typing a command, a packet is sent to the server and it will return the list of suggestions (similar to tab completion). The second constructor allows you to also use the command sender as an input (of type CommandSender), which can be used for more intricate suggestions.

Example - Friend command with dynamic suggestions

Say we want a plugin which is a friend system. The friend system allows you to add friends and when you've made a friend, you can message them.

/friend <player>       - Adds a player as a friend
/msgf   <player> <msg> - Message a friend
//Global mapping of a player to a list of their friends
final Map<String, List<String>> friends = new ArrayList<>();

//Register /friend command
LinkedHashMap<String, Argument> arguments = new LinkedHashMap<>();
arguments.put("friend", new PlayerArgument());

CommandAPI.getInstance().register("friend", arguments, (sender, args) -> {
    //Get list of friends from the sender
    List<String> senderFriends;

    if(friends.containsKey(sender.getName())) {
        senderFriends = friends.get(sender.getName());
    } else {
        senderFriends = new ArrayList<>(); 

    //Add friend to the global map
    senderFriends.put(((Player) args[0]).getName());
    friends.put(sender.getName(), senderFriends);

//Register /msgf command

/* Use a DynamicSuggestedStringArgument which consists of the names of
 * friends for that player. Don't forget that this returns a String */
arguments.put("friend", new DynamicSuggestedStringArgument((sender) -> {
    List<String> senderFriends = friends.get(sender.getName());
    return senderFriends.toArray(new String[senderFriends.size()]);

arguments.put("message", new GreedyStringArgument());

CommandAPI.getInstance().register("msgf", arguments, (sender, args) -> {
    //Parse the target player from the String, failing if it can't find that player
    Player target = Bukkit.getPlayer((String) args[0]);
    if(target == null) {
        CommandAPI.fail("Couldn't find that player!");
    } else {
        target.sendMessage((String) args[1]);

A thing to note from the code above: The DynamicSuggestedStringArgument is a String argument, meaning that the resulting type is a String. Despite the fact that we want a player object, the CommandAPI only lets you make dynamic suggestions for Strings. Therefore, it could fail in this situation (if the target player isn't found), and we have to handle that case on our own. If we had used a PlayerArgument, that argument would automatically fail due to the implementation of the player argument.